Ancient Babylon is the key to many of Revelation's Symbols
Ancient Babylon:   Modern Babylon:
had supreme rulers who thought and acted like they were Gods. Daniel 1, 2, 3, 4   has a supreme leader who thinks and acts like he is God. Revelation 13:5-6, 18
set up an image. Daniel 3:1   "an image was set up" Revelation 13:14
forced people to worship the image. Daniel 3:5   forces world to worship the image. Revelation 13:15
was a Great City.   is called a Great City. Revelation 17:18, 18:10
was a golden cup. Jeremiah 51:7   holds a golden cup. Revelation 17:4
made its inhabitants drunk. Daniel 5:3-4   made all nations drink. Revelation 14:8, 17:2
sits on the river Euphrates.   sits on many waters. Revelation 17:1
had its river, the Euphrates, dry up before its final overthrow.   has its "river Euprhates" dry up in its final destruction. Revelation 16:12
fell in one night. Daniel 5:30-31   will fall in one night. Revelation 18:8
could not understand God's prophecies. Daniel 2, 4, 5   cannot understand God's prophecies. Daniel 12:10
was one of the seven wonders of the world.   is "wondered" after by all the world. Revelation 13:3
reverenced the sun.   also reverences the sun. Revelation 16:8-9
was known for it's abundance of gold.   decked with gold. Revelation 17:4
said, in its heart, that it will never be a widow. Isaiah 47:8   also thinks it shall not be a widow and "see no sorrow" Revelation 18:7
after it's fall would never rise again. Isaiah 13:19-21   shall not rise again. Revelation 18:21-23
What Ancient Babylon did to literal Israel on a local level, Modern Babylon will do to "Spiritual Israel" on a worldwide level. - More coming soon!

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